When analyzing a set of data in real life, there are many conclusions one must draw from it.

For instance, when given a dataset like the one below that contains the size of the population of a city vs the profit of that city, there needs to be a structure set in place to predict the trends of this relationship, and derive the profits of the city when the population is known and vice versa.

Linear regression is a popular machine learning method Data Scientists use to create these predictions.

What is Linear Regression?

Linear regression is a machine learning concept which is a…

‘I participated in a bridge building contest through my school. My Bridge model was chosen for the final round of the contest and was not able to pass a specific deflection test. I usually utilised the trial and error method to come up with a stronger bridge model. What is the best method to determine and reduce the deflection before building an actual model of a bridge?’
Thank you, this is a very good question. This topic is very relevant to real bridges used in the world today. In the following video, I have demonstrated a computer aided simulation method…

Coding is a concept which is used for communicating with computers, which consists of essentially writing code which acts as instructions so computers may perform certain tasks. Just as we can communicate in certain languages as humans, we are able to communicate with computers the same way using programming languages. One of the primary languages in computer coding is Python, which is what today’s demonstration of my coding project is based on.

​Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages, as it is versatile and is used to create a variety of aspects which correlate with real life…

Arya Peruma

Founder of Coding For Young Minds, Software Developer, and Machine Learning Researcher.

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